About Us

Growing up isn’t easy on anyone.

Whether it’s a teen lashing out over emotions and circumstances they don’t yet understand, a mother concerned about her child’s path, or a teacher struggling to bring discipline to his classroom, strains can begin to take their toll.  Reach For Youth is here to be a community resource. Every day, we help give youth and families the tools they need to have success. Reach For Youth is a source of hope for youth, their families and the community in time of need.

As a Youth Service Bureau, we commit to:

  1. Support, represent and protect the rights of young people
  2. Prevent juvenile delinquency
  3. Maintain a referral system for youth so families have appropriate and effective resources
  4. Educate the community about youth issues and youth services.

We offer first-time, non-violent youth offenders a second chance to get on the right track. We coax once-expelled students back from a future where dropping out seems their only option. We help youth and their families deal with substance abuse and the process of redirecting their lives by charting a fresh course.

For over 48 years, Reach For Youth has successfully helped kids change their circumstances and find a better way. It is a success of which we are very proud. But, we are most proud of the people who took the hard steps to make the changes that were necessary. We are proud of the kids who wrestled with their challenges and made changes in their lives. We are proud of the parents and teachers who had the courage to seek help and stick it out. We are proud of our youth and adult volunteers who give their time and talent to make everyone’s efforts work. And we are proud of and thankful to our donors, collaborators and referral sources that partner with us everyday to make things happen.

Thanks for visiting our site to learn more about us. If you have come because you want our assistance, please feel free to contact us at rfy@reachforyouth.orgor call us at 317-920-5900.


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