Courtney’s parents noticed a change in her behavior when she entered her freshman year in high school. She started to hang out with friends who were known for getting in trouble for shoplifting, smoking and drinking. By the time she was in 10th grade, she was arrested by school police for fighting. Courtney didn’t take responsibility for her actions and didn’t see anything wrong with making poor choices, nor did she see the affect it had on her parents and siblings.


Courtney was sentenced to Teen Court, but she was doubtful that it would work for her.



Courtney’s mother was greatly relieved:


“Her grades went from Fs to Bs, and her attendance was perfect during the spring semester.”

During her Teen Court sentencing, a jury of her peers assigned consequences for her actions, including community service, participation in the conflict resolution workshop, a written apology to the victim and school, restitution to her parents and to serve as a Teen Court juror.


Courtney’s parents have noticed a marked improvement since she went through the Teen Court program, resulting in less family stress, better open communication, being helpful at home, and controlling her anger and emotions.


Images shown are stock images and names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

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