Mental Health & Back-To-School Season

Where did the summer go? Its hard to believe its already back-to-school season for many of our clients and their families. We asked our clinicians share some mental health tips for parents and students to help with the stresses that can occur during that back-to-school transition!

  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Make sure your child is getting adequate sleep (8-10 hour) and no devices in bed.
  • MAKE TIME TO UNWIND: Parents–Remember that your kids going to school is the equivalent of us working all day. So when the kids come home, it is super important they have some time to unwind that is not on a screen/electronic device, before they start doing homework etc. They need to give their brains a break, and electronics is not a good way to do that!
  • PREP FOR THE AM IN THE PM: Do as much prep as possible the night before; Pack lunches, prep backpacks, even make ready-to-go breakfasts to make getting out the door easier for everyone!
  • EAT BREAKFAST: (Yes, this goes for parents as well!) You may all feel rushed to get out the door, but our body’s all need fuel to get us through our days, and that means not starting the day on empty!
  • MEET THE TEACHER: Take the time to meet your child’s teachers. This can help you prepare your child to meet their teacher’s expectations.
  • DEALING WITH BULLIES: Do not consider your child to be overly sensitive if they complain of any type of bullying. Have your child talk with their teacher right away and as a parent-talk with the principal too.
  • OPEN COMMUNICATION: Talk with children about your expectations for them during the school year and their own goals.

Have a tip you’d like to share? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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