Mental Health Services

In over 48 years of service, Reach for Youth has helped thousands of youth and their families throughout Central Indiana transform their lives. We work with youth and families from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, sexual and gender identities, as well as various family compositions. We treat a wide variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges ranging from anxiety to trauma. 

Our systemic and family-focused approach to mental health creates a high-quality system of care. This approach allows our clinicians to navigate complex clinical problems that may require multiple points of intervention which in turn allows for change to occur within individuals, families, and communities. 

At Reach for Youth relationship is key. Research has shown that one caring and compassionate adult can positively influence the trajectory of a child’s life. The clinicians at Reach for Youth provide a warm, supportive, and safe environment for clients to express their vulnerabilities and heal. 

We believe that finances should not be a barrier to families seeking and receiving quality mental health care. Additionally, in person as well as Telehealth appointments are available to provide flexibility and greater opportunities for families to engage in services. 

Curious about our Mental Health Services?

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