Child, Adolescent, and Family Services

Child & Adolescent Services

Problems are complex and can be challenging to navigate, especially as a child. With 1 in
6 U.S. youth aged 6–17 experiencing a mental health disorder each year, it is clear that
youth are struggling with their mental health at unprecedented rates. Youth are often
attempting to manage stressors at home, school, in their communities, and in their
interpersonal relationships. These stressors can lead to mental and emotional distress that
youth struggle to cope with and can leave their caregivers at a loss for how to best support

Here at Reach for Youth, we believe people are more than their problems and that
they change when they have the support and capacity to do so. Through providing
mental health treatment, family support, and community resources, we guide children and
their caregivers through successfully navigating the complexities of life.

Family Therapy Services

Family relationships can be complex and problems that occur in a family affect every
member. If your family is experiencing issues such as a conflict between family members,
parenting challenges, grief, loss, or another challenge — family therapy can help. We
provide mental health services to families experiencing mental, emotional, or behavioral
issues across various developmental stages. Our systems model and emphasis on family
systems create a unique approach to treating mental health challenges in a family context.
From the very beginning of services, parents, guardians, and any other identified supports
are active participants in the therapeutic process. We collaborate with the entire family to
identify their goals and develop a tailored treatment plan that addresses the needs of the
entire family.

Curious about our Mental & Behavioral Health Services?

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