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Sexually Maladaptive Behaviors (SMB) Program

Sexual exploration can be a natural and healthy aspect of a youth’s development. When sexual exploration goes beyond what is developmentally expected, these behaviors put the safety and well-being of the youth and others at risk. Sexual behavior problems can present differently in every youth and can range in severity. We recognize the shame, secrecy, and challenges that can be associated with seeking services to treat sexual behaviors. We take an empathic and genuine approach to treatment to promote positive youth development.

There are clinicians at Reach for Youth who have received advanced and specialized training through IN-AJSOP (Indiana Association of Juvenile Sex Offender Practitioners) to effectively treat youth who have engaged in sexually abusive behavior. In addition to their clinical licensure, these clinicians have obtained the Credentialed Sexually Abusive Youth Clinician (CSAYC) credential and continue to engage in professional development and training to ensure that clients are provided therapeutic interventions that are evidence-based, culturally competent, and trauma-informed.

Past & present services:

  • Individual & Family Treatment for Sexually Maladaptive Youth
  • Individual & Family Therapy for Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Adolescent Sexual Offender Treatment Program
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