Tune in to No Limits on Wfyi today at 1pm

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Tune in today at 1 p.m.for 90.1 WFYI's No Limits!

From basketball game brawls, to park attacks between students, to in-school violence, Indiana has had its share of school discipline issues show up in the media of the past several months.

What kind of baggage are students bringing into the classroom with them these days, and how can they be helped?

Our in-studio guests today are Mara Weiss, a clinician with Reach for Youth who also heads the Indianapolis Teen Court program, and Katie Dorsey, a school counselor at Herron High School, Indianapolis (official page) who focuses on problem solving and interventions for students.

You can join the conversation on this page, email NoLimits@wfyi.org or call in to the show at 866-476-3881. Listen live at 90.1 or wfyi.org/listen-now.

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