Frank's Success Story


Images shown are stock images and names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

When Frank came to Reach For Youth, he was having problems with attendance and truancy, marijuana use, as well as, general problems at home. His mom reported he was being suspended every other week, frequently leaving home and staying out late, cutting classes and displaying disruptive behavior while using vulgar language.

Upon completion of the program, Frank had quit using marijuana and had improved his family relationships. Frank learned how to accept his home situation and through joint sessions with his mother, learned improved communication skills. He now knows how to ask her for help in a productive and safe manner.


Frank’s mother reports that he is now settled in at a new school and doing well.

“Frank is talking more and recently shared a story about how bad some of the kids were acting on the bus stating, ‘I’m glad I don’t do that anymore’”.

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