Jordan's Success Story


Images shown are stock images and names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Jordan was referred to Reach For Youth’s Teen Court program for theft and criminal mischief.

At her assessment appointment, staff discovered that Jordan’s best friend had passed away several months before.  Her mother stated that her poor choices began after her best friend’s death, and believed that she was struggling with grief and depression which had influence her poor choices.

Jordan’s mother stated:

“Jordan has made a lot of progress since enrolling in the Teen Court program and it’s amazing to see her back on track, and excelling in the home and at school.”

Jordan was referred to our counseling program and scheduled for Teen Court. At court, the jury sentenced her to: participate as a juror for two court sessions, write an apology to the victims, perform 8 hours of community service, attend the Conversion workshop, continue counseling, and give a verbal apology to her family in court. 

She successfully completed all consequences within 90 days. Jordan was even offered a part-time job with the organization where she completed her community service. 

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