Tyler's Success Story


Images shown are stock images and names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Tyler, age 15, was admitted to the Sexual Maladaptive Behaviors Treatment (SMB) program for a severe pornography addiction and inappropriate sexual behaviors.

When he first started the program he had been expelled from school for multiple incidents of viewing pornography while at school. Prior to being expelled, his grades were Ds and Fs.


Reach For Youth’s Staff had this to share about Tyler:

“We are extremely proud of him and the hard work he has done in treatment to change his behaviors and thinking patters, as well as his efforts to support and encourage his group members who are just starting treatment.”

Now, he is excelling in school, is an active member of his church youth group, and a leader in the weekly SMB treatment group. With the support of his mother, and his hard work, he has made incredible strides!

Tyler graduated from the SMB program in February 2017 after being in treatment for a year and six months.

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